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Superstar Tactics • Granite

July 14, 2017
We’re back, Rumblefans! Today is the last day of our new release Superstar week. I know, it’s been an absolute rollercoaster, but all good things have to come to an end. Of course, there’ll be more coming soon, so don’t you worry! Today we’re looking at another fan-favourite who has seen his appearance change since […]

Superstar Bio • Granite

July 13, 2017
It’s Superstar bio time again! This time our trip down into the depths of the RUMBLESLAM archives has yielded a little bit about everyone’s favourite walking mountain: Granite! “This resilient superstar has it all; power, toughness, size, charisma… There are few wrestlers in the ring that can match a natural charm and presence which have […]

Superstar Tactics • Fang

July 12, 2017
We’re back, Slammers! It’s time to enter Rolling Bones and go face to face with a being more ancient than any we’ve met in RUMBLESLAM so far. Fang is a vampire from a past world, reawakened and revelling in the mayhem of the RUMBLESLAM ring. He’s fast and dangerous! With no Copper dice in sight […]