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Superstar Tactics • Granite

July 14, 2017
We’re back, Rumblefans! Today is the last day of our new release Superstar week. I know, it’s been an absolute rollercoaster, but all good things have to come to an end. Of course, there’ll be more coming soon, so don’t you worry! Today we’re looking at another fan-favourite who has seen his appearance change since […]

Superstar Bio • Granite

July 13, 2017
It’s Superstar bio time again! This time our trip down into the depths of the RUMBLESLAM archives has yielded a little bit about everyone’s favourite walking mountain: Granite! “This resilient superstar has it all; power, toughness, size, charisma… There are few wrestlers in the ring that can match a natural charm and presence which have […]

Superstar Tactics • Fang

July 12, 2017
We’re back, Slammers! It’s time to enter Rolling Bones and go face to face with a being more ancient than any we’ve met in RUMBLESLAM so far. Fang is a vampire from a past world, reawakened and revelling in the mayhem of the RUMBLESLAM ring. He’s fast and dangerous! With no Copper dice in sight […]

Superstar Bio • Relentless Dosh

July 11, 2017
I just realised that we never found out more information about a few wrestlers that have already been released! I don’t know what made me think of these two, but here’s a little information about the most famous satyrs in the world. Slammers, it’s Relentless Dosh. “No doubt you’ve heard of Relentless Dosh from their […]

Superstar Tactics • Mythos

July 10, 2017
It’s Monday again! Fast becoming my favourite day of the week, because I get to talk about brand new wrestlers! Today we’re going to be looking at a huge, fiery demon. Mythos! Mythos is massive. He’s big and muscly, and he’s got fire coming off of his head and hands. That’s a guy you don’t […]

Event Cards

July 7, 2017
We’re back again Rumblefans, with another delve into the Event Card deck! I enjoyed having a peek at the cards last week, so having gone through them I thought I’d share so of my favourites. Strap in, it’s about to get weird! First off, Unruly Mages. We all know that magic isn’t allowed in the […]

Superstar Bio • Mythos

July 6, 2017
Delving back down into the depths of the RUMBLESLAM history books, we’ve emerged into the light with some information on one of the most evil members of our beloved sport. Let’s all read in hushed voices about Mythos. “For there to be light, there must also be darkness. Fable is often considered the shining light […]

Superstar Tactics • Ice

July 5, 2017
Alright! It’s time for Ice! Yeaaaah! Ice has changed in appearance a little bit since his Kickstarter debut. He’s metamorphosed from a tiny ice man into a massive ice golem! This is better. His stats are a little all over the place, so let’s look at them in detail. Attack is 3 Silver, which is […]

Superstar Bio • Lumberjacked

July 4, 2017
We had a little look at Green Grables yesterday, so it only seems right that we return the favour and dig out some information about Lumberjacked from the archive! “Not everyone fights for the same reason. Some people fight for honour or glory whilst others might fight for the sheer thrill. Jack fights for revenge. […]

Superstar Tactics • Green Grables

July 3, 2017
Hello again, Rumblefans! We’re back to talk more tactics today. Seeing as it’s Monday again, we’re going to have a bit more fun and talk about another brand new wrestler. Green Grables is our superstar today! She’s the arch-nemesis of Lumberjacked. Her home was uprooted, and she’s entered the ring looking for payback. The product […]